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Strength and Mobility for the Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders

Do you have upper back, shoulder or neck pain? Do you spend your day working on a computer? Or hunched over using your phone? Or sitting at a desk leaning over? Do you carry your stress in your shoulders or neck? Do you have kyphosis? These can lead to a forward head posture where the head protrudes too far forward of the shoulders and the upper back rounds to compensate. This position can ultimately lead to inflexibility and tightness in your neck, upper back and chest, pain in those areas and poor shoulder joint mobility. 

This workshop will focus on the upper back - otherwise known as the second core - because of the importance it plays in your overall posture and balance. We will move through undulating asanas that highlight both strength and mobility in the back, neck and shoulders. Together, they will focus on improving your posture and giving you tools for both your yoga practice and your every day life. Proper posture will allow full, deep breaths to center and ground you. It will also improve your balance and bone health. After working your way through upper back, neck and shoulder undulations, you will leave feeling more open and flexible throughout your second core. 

Meet Patti Zolnick: Patti is an E-500hr RYT and a C-IAYT (certified International Association of Yoga Therapists). She is also a certified Prajna Yoga teacher with Tias and Surya Little and a certified Body Balance Yoga therapy teacher with jenny Otto. She also holds a certification with Dr. Lorin Fishman to teach yoga for osteoporosis.