Meet the instructors behind Dragonfly Yoga Studio


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Alana Weathersbee  (studio creative director)

As an active person her whole life, Alana stumbled onto yoga in 1998…a time in her life when she was tired of going to the gym and tired of the mundane exercise program she had been doing since high school. At her very first yoga class the sign outside the door said, “welcome home.”  Little did Alana know that at the age of 21 she would be introduced to a new way of living.  In 2002, she began to practice teaching to senior citizens. Her first student was 93yrs old. Then in 2006, Alana became certified as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher/RYS 200hr instructor. Since then, she has taught yoga to people of all ages and enjoys every aspect of teaching chair, beginner, intermediate and power yoga classes. “Yoga has taught me that everybody is different and with the right modification anyone can do yoga. It’s so important to continue to move and explore both mind and body. Once you stop using it, you risk losing it.” Alana’s classes tend to be challenging and she likes to give students opportunities to move and explore their bodies. Some of her happiest moments in class are watching clients work hard at poses, then finally get to that “aha” moment--when the body and breath make a connection.  



RYT-200 with a ballet background, Alia began practicing yoga seriously after discovering the calming mindfulness of moving meditation. With hopes to make people feel better about themselves and a love of teaching Alia enjoys connecting movement with breathing to help balance the dance of life. 


Anne Kemp (studio owner)

Anne began her yoga journey in 2002 after the birth of her first child. Not being naturally flexible, yoga asana presents many challenges to Anne which allows her to understand and relate to her students' challenges while practicing. Anne completed her 200 RYT training in 2006 with Cindy Gibbons in Carlsbad, California and has since gone on to complete many workshops with Annie Carpenter, Tim Feldmann, David Keil, and Peg Mulqueen. Anne's classes are breath, foundation, and alignment based slow vinyasa flows that incorporate creative, fun, yet challenging sequences.  She hopes to see you on your mat soon! 



Annie began her teacher training journey here in Fredericksburg in 2012 at Healing Arts and Yoga. She was certified in 2015 and has been teaching in her community ever since. Annie found her passion teaching prenatal yoga here at Dragonfly and completed her prenatal teacher training in 2018.  Her background is in weight training and she is also a certified personal trainer. Her lighthearted classes focus on proper body alignment with the use of props, and following the breath to move the body and free the mind. Annie strives to provide a space for each student to find their personal practice on the mat and enjoys making yoga accessible to students of all abilities. 



Audrey Aird is a E-RYT 200 Hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and certified Pilates instructor.  She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and teaching for over 10 years. Yoga, along with Pilates is Audrey’s passion and she enjoys sharing these teachings with everyone.


Becca Childress

Becca joined the Army at 18, and returned to the military as a civilian in 2009. She found yoga through her work after seeing numerous articles pointing to yoga being effective in helping treat PTS/TBI and other stressors service members face.  She has been teaching yoga since 2013 and grows every day.  Her teaching philosophy is that yoga is for every body – regardless of what you’re bringing to the mat – there is something for everyone to find and discover.



Carly completed her RYT-200 hr training in Charlottesville, VA at MOSAIC in the Spring of 2016. She found yoga through a desire to reconnect to her body, having come from a background of competitive swimming, while focusing on establishing a relationship to Self founded on tenderness and ease. A self-proclaimed 'recovering perfectionist', Carly seeks to use the asana practice as a means of personal exploration, inviting individuals to create space for radical self-acceptance. She embodies the duality of practicing with a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit, and encourages others to embrace their unique imperfections. 


Jess Kahn

Since her family's move to Fredericksburg in 2014, Jess has been at the heart of building what is now a thriving yoga network here in our Downtown community.  She teaches privately, publicly and provides yoga instruction along with meditation / mindfulness coaching to varsity athletes at The University of Mary Washington.  She's also currently working toward her 500 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Certificate, training directly with Rolf Gates.  In Jess' own words, she has found her calling through yoga... "I am doing exactly what I have been called to do in life.  I am living my passion and feel empowered to break down boundaries and test limits for my own personal growth. If this sounds like something you would consider doing for yourself, we should definitely have a conversation. I would be honored to help you get started on your journey within."  


kassi cruz

Kassi has always enjoined an active lifestyle, either running or playing high school sports.  In 2011 she found her passion for yoga, beginning her personal practice.  By 2013 she realized that yoga is much more than a physical activity and decided to become an instructor in order to deepen her practice and assist others with theirs.  In 2017 she earned her 200 hour teaching certificate from Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville.  When not on her mat, Kassi enjoys mastering her baking skills, as well as, furthering her photography.

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Kelsey Russell

Kelsey is a nature and fitness enthusiast who, when faced with an intense life transformation, came to yoga searching for answers and self-acceptance. She has been an avid practitioner in the three years since. She was born and raised in the Fredericksburg community and holds a B.S. degree in Biology and Environmental Sustainability. In the past, she has done work in wildlife rehabilitation, nursing injured and orphaned opossums, owls, fawns, and bald eagles so that they can return to the wild. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, camping, all things nature, and of course--yoga! She enjoys anything that furthers her personal yoga practice including attending yoga festivals and seminars and receiving guidance from other yogis. Kelsey completed her 200-RYT here at Dragonfly. She personally enjoys Vinyasa, Power, and Restorative yoga, and is enthusiastic about sharing her practice and guiding students along the way.

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kelsey williams

Kelsey Williams earned her RYT-200 hour training in 2016 as a student in Jess Kahn’s yoga teacher training. She’s always found movement to be a source of meditation. Before earning her 200 hours, she taught athletic and mindfulness classes at James Madison University’s Recreational Center. This is where her passion for yoga grew. Helping students find a balance between strength and flexibility both mentally and physically was a source of excitement for Kelsey. When Kelsey isn’t doing yoga, you can find her running, cycling, or teaching her third graders. 


kendall bagby

Kendall began her yoga journey at 15 and committed to deepening her practice at 23. She graduated from YTT in 2018 and has been sharing her passion with family and friends ever since. “I enjoy opening the mind and heart of others and allowing them to find that connection with their breath.” Kendall’s goal is to share yoga, health, and nutrition with others and allow each individual to find that which is already inside themselves.

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kolbie rosser

Kolbie Rosser took her first yoga class when she was fifteen, little did she know that this was just the beginning of a life long journey. Once she had graduated high school she started her RYT 200 training with Dragonfly Yoga Studio. When Kolbie isn’t on her mat practicing yoga you can find her in yoga poses out on her paddle board. In all of her classes, Kolbie strives to hold an open and positive place where students are inspired to explore their minds and bodies through movement and breath. She loves encouraging her students to live a healthy lifestyle, reminding them to accept themselves on and off the mat.

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liberty lohr

Liberty first fell in love with yoga in 2002. She was enticed by the vitalizing feeling it gave her and it wasn’t long before she committed herself to the practice of yoga and its benefits on the body and mind. Yoga is a space for Liberty to seek comfort and grace in the midst of a stressful world and is an essential part of her daily self-care practice. She holds a Bachelors degree in Sports and Health Sciences, is a Certified Personal Trainer, and a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. When she’s not in the studio, Liberty enjoys spending time with her husband of 18 years and their two boys. Liberty’s personal philosophy for achieving happiness is to have a relationship with God, pray with your family, balance work and play, forgive, and love, love, love.



Melissa discovered yoga when she was pregnant with her daughter in 2008. As a working mother with two young children, her practice came and went.  It wasn’t until 2013 when she committed to a daily practice.  Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and anxiety as a young adult, Melissa believes yoga was what finally brought her back to herself…and continues to this day.  Her philosophy is that yoga is not simply a physical practice, but a complete mind-body connection that is necessary in today’s world.  Melissa wishes to bring this peace to all through her teaching.  She received her 200 hour yoga teaching certificate in May of 2017 from Latitude Yoga Company in Stafford, Virginia.  She lives in Fredericksburg with her husband, Jeremy and her two children Madeline and Logan.  She is a full-time mortgage broker in downtown Fredericksburg.


Michelle etcho

Michelle Etcho, E-RYT 200 & YACEP, started practicing yoga with the intention of losing weight and getting leaner muscles. What she found was so much more than that. Through yoga she discovered a mental, emotional, and spiritual balance that went way beyond the physical benefits. Michelle says that, “Yoga is a personal journey towards loving yourself, not just despite but because of your flaws, and appreciating the moments along the way. With the hope of helping others on this journey of self-discovery, I pursued my RYT 200 at the Heal Me Institute. My yoga philosophy is that yoga is for everyone, every shape, size, age, and background.So often we rush through life or let life rush by us without taking the time to enjoy the present moment. Yoga is a way to slow life down and truly be grateful.  My teaching style challenges students to try new things and step outside their comfort zone.”


Susan Barber

Susan Barber ERYT began her yoga journey 23 years ago when she fell in love with classical Ashtanga yoga studying with her first and primary teacher Beryl Bender Birch. She spent 5 years training to become a teacher of yoga, traveling to India to immerse herself in the culture of the ancient tradition and spending time at Swami Satchidananda’s Ashram. Susan taught internationally for 18 years in Singapore, Bahrain and Europe, including several years in Germany working with Wounded Warriors and those healing from trauma. After spending 3 years teaching full time in the NYC area, Susan has returned to her home state of Virginia where she will continue to offer group classes, private sessions and workshops. As a Certified Massage Therapist, Susan understands the body and how it works and brings this knowledge into her teaching. Her classes are traditional and alignment based while encouraging students to adapt the practice to their own bodies and unique needs — strong, steady and mindful!

Substitute Instructors

Amy Peery2.1.jpg

Amy peery

Amy found yoga in 2010, a year of personal changes and challenges. What began as a way of rebuilding, of establishing day to day routine and stability evolved into a love for the personal exploration and profound growth yoga facilitates. Amy earned her RYT 200 certification through Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg in 2016 and has since enjoyed sharing her love for the practice through teaching. Her primarily vinyasa style classes embrace traditional alignment and encourage connection through movement, breath, and focus. She looks forward to walking with you on your own yoga journey.

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Dori Weitz

Dori delivers an eclectic, satisfying, and fun-filled yoga experience drawn from more than 30 years of diverse yoga practice. She uses yoga and meditation techniques to help her students (and herself!) navigate through life. As a military veteran, a now "retired" Navy wife, a mother, and a healer, Dori understands the demands and twists of everyday living. "Multi-Level Yoga Flow" is Dori's signature class that offers a wide a variety of the many forms of yoga, breath-work and meditation techniques that she has encountered over her 30+ years of practice. 

Holley Ryan

Holley Ryan, E-RYT 200, is a light-hearted and knowledgeable instructor who has been teaching in the Fredericksburg area for over a decade. She teaches an energetic and creative vinyasa flow class,  concentrating on building strength, balance and flexibility. She also enjoys teaching beginners and introducing them to the joyful and transformative power of yoga. She focuses on creating a connection to breath as a way to bring peace to our busy minds, and rhythmic movements and stretches to release tension from our bodies. Additionally, Holley has a special 100 hours of training in yoga for those with cancer, heart disease, and chronic illness.

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Laura fazzaro

Laura Fazzaro earned her RYT 200 from Yogaworks in Richmond, Virginia in 2010. She also holds an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training certificate through David Swenson of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since her initial training, Laura has has devoted herself to personal growth and continuing education in both Vinyasa and Ashtanga forms of yoga. Laura’s Ashtanga training includes five trips to Mysore, India working under the tutelage of Authorized Teacher K. Pattabhi Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute. Additional continuing education includes training under well-known yogis such as Kino MacGregor, Eddie Stern and through Yogaworks. Laura’s teaching experience includes leading classes at Woodley Park Ashtanga Yoga in Washington D.C., Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg, and of course at Dragonfly Yoga Studio. Beyond her yoga credentials, Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Mary Washington University and she is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.


Sarah Blunkosky

Sarah nurtures clients as an integrative education consultant, certified peer-breastfeeding counselor, and registered Accessible yoga instructor specializing in family, children’s, special-needs, and prenatal/postpartum movement/embodiment. She serves clients in Northern Virginia and travels for service appointments, conferences, and workshops with local studios and her company, Learning Heroine LLC

 Teaching Philosophy:  All abilities, identities, and needs are welcome in each of my classes, no wheelchair or condition is turned away! Advancement in yoga should be devoid of hierarchy/construct/body type/ or any other -ism.  Yoga is how one can better connect to their authentic self truth.  Postures, breath, and meditation practices are meant to honor our anatomical reality and serve our peacefulness, the authentic self.  For each student, I seek to guide and assist them in their path to hearing their truth as it grows louder and louder.  I'm honored to serve others and humbled in the seat of the teacher, always in service.

Certifications: Master's of History & Slavery Studies (VCU), RYT 500 (Therapeutic Style Yoga), R-PYT (Vinyasa & Kundalini Infused), R-CYT (Hatha & Montessori Infused), Accessible Yoga Ambassador, Certified Yoga For All Instructor, Reiki Level II Practitioner 

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suzanna hasnay

Suzanna is a retired federal law enforcement officer, life long fitness enthusiast and professionally trained dancer. She believes that life is about living it...being truly interested, positive and compassionate despite the pain and setbacks that will inevitably happen. Since 2009, Suzanna has instructed police and federal agents in the areas of leadership, resiliency and human performance at the FBI Academy and police schools around the country and internationally. Teaching yoga is her way of giving back in this next chapter of her life. Having received her RYT-200 certification through Jess Khan Yoga, she focuses on teaching the practice for law enforcement officers and integrating it into their lives. She feels honored to teach at Dragonfly with their fantastic instructors. Suzanna holds a BA in Dance, MA in Business and has completed extensive post graduate work in Exercise Science. In 2018, she was trained as a Mindfulness-Based Peer Coach through UC-San Diego and Mindful Badge Initiative.