Meet the instructors behind Dragonfly Yoga Studio


Kit Mcfarland

Kit McFarland, E-RYT 200 & YACEP and owner of Dragonfly Yoga Studio is deeply committed to the development and enrichment of our Fredericksburg community. Kit began practicing yoga as an undergraduate student at Indiana University. She learned that yoga gives us tools of awareness to recognize that we are strong enough to handle life's physical, mental and emotional challenges. Years later she attended prenatal yoga classes in Boulder, Colorado and realized that yoga unites families and communities by creating healthy, peaceful spaces. So in October 2013 she opened Dragonfly Yoga Studio with the intention of bringing the joy and blessing of a dedicated yoga studio to downtown Fredericksburg. She began teaching in December 2013, encouraging students to move to the pace of their breath, practicing mindfully with the intention of making physical, mental and spiritual progress that will benefit them off the mat. Kit has a super-supportive husband and two daughters who you will often see at the Studio practicing and playing.



Audrey Aird is a E-RYT 200 Hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and certified Pilates instructor.  She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and teaching for over 10 years. Yoga, along with Pilates is Audrey’s passion and she enjoys sharing these teachings with everyone.


Becca Childress

Becca joined the Army at 18, and returned to the military as a civilian in 2009. She found yoga through her work after seeing numerous articles pointing to yoga being effective in helping treat PTS/TBI and other stressors service members face.  She has been teaching yoga since 2013 and grows every day.  Her teaching philosophy is that yoga is for every body – regardless of what you’re bringing to the mat – there is something for everyone to find and discover.


Michelle etcho

Michelle Etcho, E-RYT 200 & YACEP, started practicing yoga with the intention of losing weight and getting leaner muscles. What she found was so much more than that. Through yoga she discovered a mental, emotional, and spiritual balance that went way beyond the physical benefits. Michelle says that, “Yoga is a personal journey towards loving yourself, not just despite but because of your flaws, and appreciating the moments along the way. With the hope of helping others on this journey of self-discovery, I pursued my RYT 200 at the Heal Me Institute. My yoga philosophy is that yoga is for everyone, every shape, size, age, and background.So often we rush through life or let life rush by us without taking the time to enjoy the present moment. Yoga is a way to slow life down and truly be grateful.  My teaching style challenges students to try new things and step outside their comfort zone.”



Victoria lives in downtown Fredericksburg with her husband and can be found walking her dog around the city. She was introduced to her first yoga class 20 years ago. Using yoga as a compliment to other high intensity exercises she has gained an appreciation of slowing down and listening to what her body is asking of her, rather than always pushing and competing. She has worked in the healthcare field for 15 years and became interested in the other integrative side of health and wellness including yoga and essential oils. Victoria recently completed Dragonfly's RYT-200 training program. Having an interest in the healing and physical aspects of the practice was what initially drew her in, but she was surprised by the spiritual awakening she received on her journey. She is excited to share it with others!

MelissaOYoga Headshot.jpg


Melissa discovered yoga when she was pregnant with her daughter in 2008. As a working mother with two young children, her practice came and went.  It wasn’t until 2013 when she committed to a daily practice.  Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and anxiety as a young adult, Melissa believes yoga was what finally brought her back to herself…and continues to this day.  Her philosophy is that yoga is not simply a physical practice, but a complete mind-body connection that is necessary in today’s world.  Melissa wishes to bring this peace to all through her teaching.  She received her 200 hour yoga teaching certificate in May of 2017 from Latitude Yoga Company in Stafford, Virginia.  She lives in Fredericksburg with her husband, Jeremy and her two children Madeline and Logan.  She is a full-time mortgage broker in downtown Fredericksburg.

kolbie rosser

Kolbie Rosser took her first yoga class when she was fifteen, little did she know that this was just the beginning of a life long journey. Once she had graduated high school she started her RYT 200 training with Dragonfly Yoga Studio. When Kolbie isn’t on her mat practicing yoga you can find her in yoga poses out on her paddle board. In all of her classes, Kolbie strives to hold an open and positive place where students are inspired to explore their minds and bodies through movement and breath. She loves encouraging her students to live a healthy lifestyle, reminding them to accept themselves on and off the mat.

holley ryan

Holley Ryan, E-RYT 200, is a light-hearted and knowledgeable instructor who has been teaching in the Fredericksburg area for over a decade. She teaches an energetic and creative vinyasa flow class,  concentrating on building strength, balance and flexibility. She also enjoys teaching beginners and introducing them to the joyful and transformative power of yoga. She focuses on creating a connection to breath as a way to bring peace to our busy minds, and rhythmic movements and stretches to release tension from our bodies. Additionally, Holley has a special 100 hours of training in yoga for those with cancer, heart disease, and chronic illness.

Bobbi Dragonfly Photo.jpg


Bobbi completed her RYT 200 training at Dragonfly Yoga Studio in 2016. Sometimes described as adventurous, she was drawn to yoga as a physical practice and to try some cool-looking poses, but quickly realized there is so much more! Bobbi says, “Yoga teaches acceptance. Acceptance of your beautiful body, mind and spirit and how it’s all connected. Yoga has comforted me in times of tragedy, it has made me sweat and laugh, it has given me rest and a chance to slow down. I am discovering my voice with Yoga and I love sharing Yoga with others!” If not in a yoga studio, you’ll probably find Bobbi walking her dogs, on the river, running with TeamRWB or strolling downtown.


Annie is an RYT 200 teacher and received her certification in 2015 in Fredericksburg at the Healing Arts and Yoga studio. She first came to yoga in 2010 after taking a yoga class for college credit. Annie’s philosophy is that yoga is a mindful, moving meditation allowing body, mind and spirit to come into balance, if only for an hour. Her goal is to help people achieve their balance both on and off the mat. Annie is a peer fitness advisor for the Prince William County police department has been teaching locally since receiving her certification.


Alana completed her 200hr teacher training at Kripalu in 2006. “Yoga has taught me that everybody is different and with the right modification anyone can do yoga. Its so important to exercise not only the body but also the mind. My motto is ‘Once you stop using it, you lose it.'” Soon after getting her certification Alana began teaching to college students and working professionals in the community.  As an adjunct professor at NVCC, she had the privilege to teach younger folks the beauty of yoga and how it can enrich their daily lives on and off the mat. In 2011, Alana moved to Fredericksburg and started a family. These days, she’s learning how to juggle being a mom and a yogini.