Dragonfly Community Donation Program

Contributing to the Fredericksburg community has been an emphasis for Dragonfly since our founding.  Because of that mission, Dragonfly has made financial and in-kind donations totaling more than $30,000 (and counting!) to various community organizations since 2013 (including over $7,000 in donations to date for 2019). As the studio has grown, our commitment to the Fredericksburg area has strengthened, including the creation of the Dragonfly Community Donation Program in 2015.

This program is built around our motto: Experience. Grow. Give Back. Dragonfly’s activities to advance yoga in Fredericksburg help strengthen the community, but there are causes and issues that are equally important—and Dragonfly can help. The Dragonfly Community Donation Program is our effort to make sure that we are giving back to the Fredericksburg community that gives us so much.

Each year Dragonfly Yoga Studio raises awareness and funds for local non-profits in the Fredericksburg community as a reflection of our mission to enrich and enhance the Fredericksburg community through yoga classes, community service, and authentic relationships. Throughout the year, we will highlight many of the local non-profits we choose to sponsor in our monthly newsletter to our yogis, via signage in the studio and during donation-based classes. As of 2019, we have also began the Veteran Sponsorship Program as a way to further support our local veteran and active duty military community.

Our goal for this program is to address community needs beyond yoga and strengthen the network of non-profits and service organizations that helps keep Fredericksburg such a vibrant place to live and work. It is also another way for our yogis to contribute to that effort: Practicing at Dragonfly means that you are supporting a broad range of causes and organizations in the Fredericksburg area.

Dragonfly also contributes to many other organizations on an as-needed basis. When particular fundraising campaigns by area non-profits are underway, Dragonfly is always willing to contribute. To date, we have made monetary or in-kind donations to the following organizations:


Past Participants

If you are a local non-profit that would like to participate in the program, either as a monthly participant or for a separate donation, please contact info@dragonflyyogafred.com.

Community Yoga Classes

Every week Dragonfly offers free and reduced-rate yoga classes to specialized populations in the community. Since our founding, Dragonfly has helped provide hundreds of classes to groups such as veterans, senior citizens, and schoolchildren. We are committed to bringing yoga to groups that may otherwise find practicing difficult or impossible.

One of our most enduring yoga outreach programs is the At Ease Warriors class, offered every Tuesday evening for active duty, veterans, reserve, and retired military men and women, and their families. The class is specially designed for this population and taught by Becca Childress, a veteran and member of Team RWB. In Becca’s words:

“I believe communities have a responsibility to care for veterans and their family members. Yoga is a way to care for veterans – body, mind and spirit. In 2013 we began offering free classes to active duty, veterans and their family members. We have some that faithfully attend each week and others that pop in occasionally. Most are part of the Fredericksburg Chapter of Team Red White and Blue. When a service member completes their time in service their bodies and minds are often tired. Most have aching backs and knees. And many are still working to make sense of what their time in service meant. Transition can also be a difficult time but many have found a ‘family’ and community within yoga and the other activities being offered in our area. When we can assist a veteran or family member ease the burdens of their mind and body we have done our job. ”

We agree, Namaste.