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Yoga for Healthy Aging: Open the Feet and Improve Balance, Flexibility and Agility

Regardless of your age, it’s never too early to start preparing for healthy aging! Yoga can provide a solid foundation as you age by cultivating four essential skills: strength, flexibility, balance and agility.

For most, the aging body starts to lose noticeable muscle mass around age 50, but in some circumstances this can occur as early as in our 30s. In addition, as we age, we can develop stiffness and tightness in our muscles, joints and connective tissue partially due to a cumulative loss of moisture. Good balance is also essential in lowering the risk of falls as we age. More so, strength training through yoga can help prevent the devastation of thinning of the bones, or osteoporosis.

 This workshop begins with playing with our feet. We will focus on combining a strong mind, body and spirit with physical, mental and emotional flexibility to promote healthy aging. As we move our joints through a full range of motion, we keep them healthier by facilitating transfer of nutrients into cartilage, disc and joint spaces. This workshop will also address the ability to functionally balance while moving in space with ease and agility. Overall, by simultaneously developing strength, flexibility, balance and agility, you will leave this workshop one step closer to healthy aging. 

Meet Patti Zolnick: Patti is an E-500hr RYT and a C-IAYT (certified International Association of Toga Therapists). She is also a certified Prajna Yoga teacher with Tias and Surya Little and a certified Body Balance Yoga therapy teacher with jenny Otto. She also holds a certification with Dr. Lorin Fishman to teach yoga for osteoporosis.