Veteran Sponsorship Program

Our veterans and active duty military members are an especially precious commodity, but the fact is, these warriors also disproportionately shoulder some tough mental and physical challenges. Nearly one in every five Iraq and Afghanistan veteran suffers from PTSD or major depression. A recent Veterans Administration study found that veterans in general are twice as likely to die by suicide as non-veterans. And sexual assault reports within the military services continue to rise.

Fortunately there are some great people and organizations dedicated to enabling and sustaining the long-term health of our veteran population--including some that are VERY local. Did you know? Two of our own Dragonfly instructors have personal experience using yoga to build resilience among military and veteran communities. Susan Barber developed specially-tailored yoga for soldiers and their spouses at the U.S. Army's Warrior Transition Unit in Wiesbaden, Germany. And Becca Childress--a veteran herself--works at Headquarters Marine Corps incorporating elements of yoga into the design of Marine Corps programs for operational stress management. Becca also leads our weekly veteran-focused At Ease Warriors class in partnership with the Team Red White and Blue Fredericksburg Chapter.

Overall, the benefits of yoga for military veterans are well-documented. As a result, more and more active duty military members and veterans are incorporating yoga in their lives--both as an element of their fitness routines and as a means to heal mental and physical wounds. Want to know more? Or maybe you know a veteran who could benefit from yoga? Click here to check out a great article on the unique benefits of yoga for veterans along with resources to get them started.

As of June 2019, Dragonfly Yoga Studio has committed to sponsoring four active duty military members or veterans with a fully paid one-year memberships. This is not about advertising or marketing so our sponsored veterans will remain anonymous. Our first two veterans were chosen in May (on Memorial Day) and our next two veterans will be selected in November (on Veterans Day). We’re currently accepting nominations for our November 2019 selections. Do you know someone who needs to be introduced to yoga, or who could use more yoga in their lives? Use the form below to submit your nomination.

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