Just a few friendly suggestions to make your experience at dragonfly as enjoyable as possible…

Arrive Early:  Try to get to class 10 - 15 minutes early so that you can sign in, change and relax before class. Lobby is open 30 minutes before the start of class.

Running Late: Please keep in mind the lobby door is closed at the start of class. Late arrivals will be locked out. 

Phones and Apple Watches: To enhance your practice and those around you, no phones in the studios and please silence the notifications of your watch. 

Store your Stuff:  We strive to keep our space clean and free of clutter. Please put your belongings in a cubby or on a hook.

No Shoes in the Studio:  Please store shoes in the lobby cubbies. 

No Perfume or Cologne Please:  We practice deep breathing during class and some people are allergic to strong odors.  Come in fresh, but not smelling like a rose.


Come with an Empty Stomach:  To avoid discomfort, allow 2 -3 hours digestion before practice.


Hydrate and Bring a Water Bottle:  You will definitely sweat in our HOT classes!


Chill out before Class:  Our Yoga rooms are a great place for meditation and contemplation before class.  If you prefer to chat, then please honor other students by taking conversations out into our lobby. 

Talk to your Teacher before Class:  If you have any injuries or health conditions, please tell us before class. Our teachers can offer helpful modifications and suggestions so that you can honor and serve yourself in class. 

Please respect the Teacher’s Sequencing:  Your teacher has a plan for every class.  Please follow the given sequence, a modification of the pose, or child’s pose if the sequencing is not accessible for you.

Pick up your Props: Please put all props away and help keep our "shala" clean and tidy for the next student.

Leaving Early?  This is a biggie…if you need to leave class early, please do so no later than 6-7 minutes before the end of classes and not during Savasana (resting pose) and please tell your teacher before class starts.  Savasana is the most important posture in the class, so please try your best to always stay until the end. 

Namaste, The Dragonfly team of staff and teachers