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Transitions Workshop

We’ve all been there… holding our first challenging arm-balance or inversion only to find our teacher offer yet a NEW seemingly impossible yoga pose. Yet with time, focus, and a whole lot of bouncing back and forth between frustration and dedication, we find ourselves slipping into the next pose, and the next one, and the next.

But what about the space in between? You know… that moment of chaos until you find your balance.

Join Liz Corwin as she leads this 2 hour exploratory workshop of transitioning chaos into grace. This workshop will leave you with a new energetic understanding of the chaos we often experience in between seemingly separate asanas. Yoga means to yoke, to bring together. We do not DO yoga, we ARE yoga. Therefore, every moment, every transition is part of the practice to learn to be present, to witness, and not to miss. Learn to float from Headstand to Bakasana, Astavakrasana to Koundinyasana and back, Handstand to Chataranga, Vasistasana to Hanumanasana, Wheel to Tadasana and more. As well as learn the meaning and stories behind these traditional sanksrit words. Cost $35 CEU’s available for Yoga Alliance registered instructors

* Suitable for students with previous yoga experience.

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Later Event: September 14
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