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40 Day New Year Revolution Challenge

This year let’s ditch the resolutions....  Instead, let’s evolve by creating our own personal “Revolution for the New Year”.  Let’s set a focus that will continue for as long as we need it.  A 40-day challenge to transform an old, bad habit into a positive intention that becomes our new nature. Research says it can take as little as 21 days to make or break a habit. Habits are meant to be difficult to change because they have slipped into our daily lives without any thought--sometimes through boredom or stress. Think about what you do every day.  What is one thing you would like to focus on, so that your future self will be thankful that you did? Yoga teaches us that a better tomorrow is reflected by a better today. 


From January 7 to February 15 we will be offering a 40-day Yoga Revolution for the New Year. Set a focus for the New Year, then come and practice with us to help realize your positive intention. Learn more by taking our workshops this month to create a deeper connection with your intention. 


By practicing at Dragonfly at least 30 times during our 40 Day Challenge, you’ll be entered to win multiple prize packages (each 60, 75 or 90 min class counts as one visit; workshops count as multiple visits—ex: 3-hour workshop counts as three visits).

Prizes include a 3-month Dragonfly membership, Dragonfly 5-class pack, Dragonfly tank, Sugar Blend Rub, Love Bottle, Virginia Hill water bottle, a Grove salt lamp, and gift cards to Skin Touch Therapy, Peacaloo, City Vino and more. Plus, everyone who completes the challenge will earn a certificate for an extra-long savasana adjustment.

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