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Free Tai Chi Community Class

Bert Limbrick of Riverside Tai Chi Club will be teaching the first basic 24 moves of Tai Chi. Bert has been practicing for 12 years and has led community Tai Chi sessions locally since 2011.

Tai Chi is a form of slow deliberate movements linked with breathing exercises and meditation. A few health benefits associated to the practice of Tai Chi include reduced stress, balanced emotions, restful sleep, improved cognitive functions, reduced falling, and improved fibromyalgia symptoms.

This will be an intro to Tai Ji, also known as Tai Chi, and will include these basics:

  • Stances of Tai Ji

  • Tai ji walking

  • Arm movements to the walk

  • Parting wild horse's mane

  • Brush knee push

  • 24 form.

  • Basics of Tai Breathing and how it relates to Yin and Yang

This is class is appropriate for everyone! No experience necessary.  Wonderful for ages 14-100plus