Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enrich and enhance the Fredericksburg community through yoga classes, community service, and authentic relationships.

Our vision is to make Dragonfly Yoga Studio an important, valued part of the Fredericksburg community, to show how important and valuable that community is to us.  We started Dragonfly Yoga Studio to realize our dream of a locally-owned dedicated yoga studio that serves both our students and the community around it.  To that end, we built the studio around three main concepts:

The Best Teachers

We hire the best teachers we can find.  All of our teachers are RYT-certified, but beyond that, we search for teachers who share our vision of a community-centered yoga practice.  Our investment doesn’t stop when we hire a new teacher, though: to demonstrate our commitment to them, we pay our teachers the highest rates in the area.  Further, we encourage and pay for ongoing professional development for our teachers, from printed training materials to workshops and additional certifications.  We love our teachers and honor them! (By the way, if you’re interested in teaching at Dragonfly, please come in for a class and introduce yourself.)


When we were looking for a spot to open the studio we wanted to be part of the burgeoning scene downtown to engage with the concentration of creativity, commitment, and intellect that walks those streets every day.  We also wanted a place that is of a piece with the historic nature of Fredericksburg, oozing with character and quirkiness.  When we saw the space at 810 Caroline Street, we knew it was a gem, part of an already-vibrant building with a beloved bookstore.  But we also knew that we needed to make a few changes.  We refinished the floors and reconfigured the space, but the most significant renovation was the installation of downtown’s first professionally-installed hot yoga studio.  We are committed to making the yoga experience at Dragonfly the best you will find in the area.


A committed individual yoga practice yields amazing health benefits.  However, our dream has always been to enhance the health of our community writ large, not only among our clientele.  We provide our studio to local community groups  to use as a location for visiting speakers, group meetings, and other events.  Most importantly, we work to take yoga out into the community–providing free yoga sessions to under-served groups like wounded veterans, children, teachers, social workers, and the elderly.

We wish you the best on your journey.