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Studio Philosophy and General Class Guidelines

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All classes are intended for anyone regardless of health, age, physical limitations, etc. Your practice is your own, so you determine how you participate in class. We ask that you give your best, most authentic effort at any class, and discuss with your instructor any issues or concerns you have before, during, and/or after class.

Sign up for classes on the Schedules page. If you do not sign up online, we cannot guarantee your spot in class.

Free Parking may be found on the street (2 hour limit on weekdays and Saturdays), or in the Sophia Street Parking Garage located at the corner of Sophia and Wolfe Street.


Specific Class Descriptions

the basics

Beginner Yoga  |  for beginners, people recovering from illness or injury, and athletes who want to compliment their cardio with stretching. Mostly seated, kneeling, prone and supine poses (often with modifications), with some standing poses, emphasizing range of motion, increased flexibility, balance, and strength. Helpful incorporation of props as needed—folded blankets, yoga blocks, and belts. Also emphasizes the importance of pranayama, or breath work, in good health and fitness and healing. Ends with savasana.

All Levels Yoga  |  this yoga class incorporates conscious breath-work, Vinyasa Flows, and balance poses to stretch and strengthen the body. There will be opportunities to challenge yourself physically, mentally or emotionally, along with learning skills to utilize off the mat. Depending on the students, the instructor will provide opportunities to try advanced strength and balance poses.  Ends with savasana.

Intermediate Yoga  |  builds on the foundational poses in Beginner Yoga, with the addition of a number of standing and balance poses, including sun salutations and some vinyasa, or flow, between asanas. More physically challenging than Beginner Yoga, but still accessible for many who are just beginning their yoga practice. (Also a good change of pace for those who usually practice the more vigorous Power or Hot Yoga.) Ends with savasana.

Power Yoga  |  an athletic form of yoga which incorporates more movement or vinyasa, more strength poses, more balance work, and more challenging sequences than other levels and forms. Bring a sweat towel and water.  Recommended for students practicing 6 months or more. Emphasizes strength, flexibility, balance, breath work—and calming the mind. Ends with savasana.


hot yoga

Hot (Beginner, Intermediate or Power) Yoga  |  done in our heated yoga room where temperature is set ~99 degrees. Heat helps relax muscles and other connective tissue allowing us to go deeper into our yoga poses. Depending on the level of the class (Beginner, Intermediate, Power, or the general Yoga) the class will follow a static sequence of poses while others will incorporate more movement and complex sequencing. Definitely bring water and a large sweat towel! Ends with savasana.

Hot or Heated Stability Yoga  |  becoming more stable is exactly what this class is about by guiding you to feel mental clear, emotionally steady and physically balanced. Stability is a complete all-levels practice which focuses on building a strong base of Poses. This class is a complete workout for mind and body — building strength and flexibility while reducing stress. Stability encourages mindful movement through a series of 26 postures which focuses on breath and alignment principles. Our Stability offers beginner to advance students a deep experience of clarity, steadiness and well -being.  Heated Stability temperature is set to 90 degrees while hot is set to 99 degrees.

90 Minute Hot Yoga  |  a longer version of a Hot Class. Allows clients to go deeper with their practice; less time is spent moving through flow sequences with more focus on holding standing and prone postures.  Class includes an extended savasana. Participants should bring a yoga mat, large towel, and water bottle.


specialty classes

Aligned Flow  |  this Vinyasa Flow class focuses on the deep alignment principles of yoga . Proper alignment leads to a deeper understanding of the body and how it moves, opens the "nadis" or energy channels to raise Prana, and will bring more ease and connection into your practice. Slow, deep, mindful, strong- a perfect "next step" class.

At Ease Warrior Yoga  |  a free class designed for military service men and women, veterans, retirees, and their families and loved ones, but ultimately open to anyone. The class focuses on building community, developing strength of body and mind, and using the breath to quiet the mind and find peace. All levels are welcome. Helpful incorporation of props as needed—folded blankets, yoga blocks, belts, and chairs. Ends with savasana.

Chair Yoga  |  a practice that modifies yoga poses so that they may be done while seated in a chair or standing near a chair. These modifications make yoga accessible to people with mobility or balance concerns. While seated in a chair, students can do versions of twists, hip stretches, forward bends, and mild backbends. Depending upon the individual, poses may be also be done while standing, utilizing the chair for stability and balance. People who may benefit from Chair Yoga include seniors, those with curvier bodies, have limited mobility, physical/mental health, injuries, illness, chronic disease/pain, scoliosis. Helpful incorporation of other props as needed—folded blankets, yoga blocks, and belts. Also emphasizes the importance of pranayama, or breath work, in good health and fitness and healing. Ends with savasana.

Family Yoga  |  beginner/Intermediate Yoga for families to do together—for parents and children who are old enough to practice with adults. No prior yoga experience necessary. Minimum age for children – 3yrs.  Ends with snuggly savasana.

Gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga  |  a class suitable to anyone seeking a softer, relaxing practice. The class is organized in a manner that the first portion brings in basic Pranayma (breathing) techniques and gentle, flowing Asana (movement) sequences which focus on moving with the breath and strengthening the mind/body connection. These movements will flow seamlessly together in order to encourage blood flow in the body and light stretching. The second half of the class will then take on a more Restorative nature, utilizing Yoga Props and Restorative Yoga postures to further opening the body in a passive and soothing manner. Perfect for individuals new to yoga and the advanced practitioner.

Open Studio  |  an opportunity to practice individually alongside other students & teachers.  It is ideal for anyone needing a place to practice yoga or looking to refine specific asanas.  No music will be played during this studio time, creating an ideal environment to also meditate or focus on breathing exercises. Yogis are welcome to come in for the entire time or any period that fits their schedule. Open Studio is a complimentary main studio class and open to everyone. This period is not instructor led but a self-guided class.  

Prenatal Yoga  |  a 75 minute class intended to benefit mamas-to-be inside and out. Beginning with a time of community sharing and discussion, we get to know one another and build our collective knowledge about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and after birth care. The class focuses on strength building and stretching poses especially designed for expectant mothers, as well as discomfort practices intended to challenge us all to manage our emotions and thoughts during challenging moments of our lives (labor!). Class ends with a restorative savasana. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy and fitness levels.

Restorative Flow  |  restorative Flow begins as a slow - paced vinyasa class with the first 40 minutes moving slowly and dynamically through simple sun salutations. The second half of class mirrors the aspects of Yin Yoga which helps to restore the body using poses that are held for longer periods of time. The poses are arranged in a way to allow the practitioner to focus on breath and meditation, as well as improve flexibility. This class is deeply relaxing and is a perfect complement to a more active practice. We will use props such as blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters and the wall to allow the body to surrender to gravity, adding to the restorative aspect of this class. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and revitalized. Perfect for all levels.

Rise and Flow  |  start you day off right with an early morning vinyasa flow class.  Plenty of sun salutations to get your heart rate up and your blood flowing along with time to center yourself to mentally prepare for your workday ahead.  

Roll, Recover and Restore  |  essential for yogis, runners, cyclists and everybody in between!  This class utilizes foam rolling* and therapy ball* techniques to facilitate recovery, muscle balance, and increased physical performance through self-myofacial release.  The class will include movements to loosen your muscles and increase your range of motion. It is appropriate for students of all levels.  *Foam rollers and balls are provided.

Stress Less |  pranayama, gentle asana, meditation…. Stress Less incorporates breathing techniques, guided meditation and gentle asana designed to help improve stress management. The class is held in the hot studio with a mild (not hot) temperature designed to promote relaxation. It is appropriate for students of all levels and recommended for anyone looking to de-stress and unwind.

Cancellation Policy  |  you may cancel your reservation up to 60 minutes before class starts. Your account will retain the class credit for a future use. There are no refunds.