Yoga is for everyone regardless of health, age, physical limitations, etc. Your practice is your own, so you determine how you participate in class. We offer a wide range of classes for students of every age and stage, from beginner yoga classes to many forms of specialty yoga. Choose the class that is best suited for your experience level and physical abilities. Regardless of where you are in your personal practice, always give your best, most authentic effort, and discuss with your instructor any issues or concerns you have before, during, and/or after class.

Sign up for classes on the Schedules page. If you do not sign up online, we cannot guarantee your spot in class.

*Minimum age for main studio adult yoga classes is 14 with adult present in class.

*Minimum age for hot studio adult yoga classes is 16 with adult present in class.

Specific Class Descriptions

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned yogi, Dragonfly offers one of the largest, most diverse yoga programs in the greater Fredericksburg area. With over 50 classes per week, there is literally something for everyone. Check our class descriptions below and then meet our amazing crew of instructors here. See you on the mat!

the basics

Beginner Yoga  |  for beginners, people recovering from illness or injury, and athletes who want to compliment their cardio with stretching. Mostly seated, kneeling, prone and supine poses (often with modifications), with some standing poses, emphasizing range of motion, increased flexibility, balance, and strength. Helpful incorporation of props as needed—folded blankets, yoga blocks, and belts. Also emphasizes the importance of pranayama, or breath work, in good health and fitness and healing. Ends with savasana.

Multi-Level Yoga Flow  |  This yoga class incorporates conscious breath-work, Vinyasa Flows, and balance poses to stretch and strengthen the body. There will be opportunities to challenge yourself physically, mentally or emotionally, along with learning skills to utilize off the mat. The instructor will provide modifications for different levels of poses and multiple options. Recommended for students with some yoga experience and basic understanding of yoga postures. Ends with savasana.

Intermediate Yoga  | More physically challenging than beginner yoga and multi level flow, this yoga class incorporates conscious breath-work, vinyasa flows, sun salutations, and balance poses to stretch and strengthen the body. The instructor will provide opportunities to try advanced strength, balance, and inversion poses. Recommended for students with a consistent yoga practice and understanding of yoga postures and alignment. Ends with savasana.

EmPower Yoga  |   is an athletic form of yoga which incorporates more movement or vinyasa, more strength poses, more balance work, and more challenging sequences than other levels and forms. Bring a sweat towel and water.  Recommended for students practicing 6 months or more. Emphasizes strength, flexibility, balance, breath work—and calming the mind. Ends with savasana.


hot yoga

Hot (Beginner, Multi Level, or Intermediate) Yoga  |  done in our heated yoga room where temperature is set ~99 degrees. Heat helps relax muscles and other connective tissue allowing us to go deeper into our yoga poses. Depending on the level of the class (Beginner, Intermediate, or Multi Level Flow Yoga) the class will follow a static sequence of poses while others will incorporate more movement and complex sequencing. Definitely bring water and a sweat towel! Ends with savasana.

Hot Stability Yoga  |  Stability encourages mindful movement through a series of 20-26 postures which focuses on breath and alignment principles. Stability is a complete all-levels practice which focuses on building a strong base of Poses. This class is a complete workout for mind and body — building strength and flexibility while reducing stress. Our Stability offers beginner to advance students a deep experience of clarity, steadiness and well -being. Becoming more stable is exactly what this class is about by guiding you to feel mental clear, emotionally steady and physically balanced. Temperature is set to 99-104 degrees.

90 Minute Multi Level Flow Hot Yoga  |  Heated to 99-104 degrees -this 90 minute yoga class incorporates conscious breath-work, Vinyasa Flows, balance poses, and seated postures to stretch and strengthen your body. There will be opportunities to challenge yourself physically, mentally or emotionally, along with learning skills to utilize off the mat. Depending on the students, the instructor will provide opportunities to try advanced strength and balance poses. Recommended for students with some yoga experience and basic understanding of yoga postures. Ends with savasana. Participants should bring a yoga mat, large towel, and water bottle. **Not recommended for students who have never taken a hot yoga class.

Ashtanga Yoga 1/2 Primary Series 90 Minute  | Ashtanga yoga is a specific set of postures linked by the breath and always practiced in the same order. By focusing on the combines rhythm of breath and movement you will improve the mind's ability to concentrate. Learning to face physical difficulty on a regular basis not only tempers the ego, but also provides a quiet sense of achievement and self-confidence that will filter through to other areas of your life. This class will be held in our hot yoga studio with the temperature set to 85 degrees. *Not recommended for the first time student.

specialty classes

Candlelight Yin Yoga | an ideal class to begin or end your week. Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of passive poses, which are practiced seated or reclined and held for longer periods of time. Your Yin practice will ask you to embrace some discomfort and to find your edge -a sustainable position in which sensations are felt. Yin postures mostly affect the core part of the body, above the knee and below the navel, where we have 8 layers of connective tissue and our major joints. The poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissue - tendons, fascia, and ligaments - with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. The length of time in postures combined with the intensity of sensations, make this practice challenging. However, when the mind stills and the body begins to unravel, the practitioner is left with a deep sense of peace and spaciousness.

By encouraging the body to rest in stillness, Yin provides the mind an opportunity for meditation. By cultivating awareness of one’s inner silence, mindfulness can be attained. Yin yoga is also designed to improve the flow of Chi, the subtle energy said in Chinese Medicine to flow through the body on meridians and pathways. Improved Chi flow brings healing to the organs, the immune system, and improves general well- being.

Chair Yoga  |  a practice that modifies yoga poses so that they may be done while seated in a chair or standing near a chair. These modifications make yoga accessible to people with mobility or balance concerns. While seated in a chair, students can do versions of twists, hip stretches, forward bends, and mild backbends. Depending upon the individual, poses may be also be done while standing, utilizing the chair for stability and balance. People who may benefit from Chair Yoga include seniors, those with curvier bodies, have limited mobility, physical/mental health, injuries, illness, chronic disease/pain, scoliosis. Helpful incorporation of other props as needed—folded blankets, yoga blocks, and belts. Also emphasizes the importance of pranayama, or breath work, in good health and fitness and healing. Ends with savasana.

Family Yoga  |  beginner/Intermediate Yoga for families to do together—for parents and children who are old enough to practice with adults. No prior yoga experience necessary. Recommended for children ages 3-12 but all ages are welcome.  Ends with snuggly savasana.

Gentle Flow and Restorative  |  a class suitable to anyone seeking a softer, more relaxing practice. The class is organized in a manner that the first portion brings in basic Pranayama (breathing) techniques and gentle, flowing Asana (movement) sequences which focus on moving with the breath and strengthening the mind/body connection. These movements will flow seamlessly together in order to encourage blood flow in the body and light stretching. The second half of the class will then take on a more Restorative nature, utilizing Yoga Props to further relax the body and nervous system. Perfect for all levels.

Prenatal Yoga  |  A 75 minute class intended to benefit mamas-to-be inside and out. Beginning with a time of community sharing and discussion, we get to know one another and build our collective knowledge about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and after birth care. The class focuses on strength building and stretching poses especially designed for expectant mothers, as well as discomfort practices intended to challenge us all to manage our emotions and thoughts during challenging moments of our lives (labor!). Class ends with a restorative savasana. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy and fitness levels. **Due to the subject matter covered in this class concerning all stages of pregnancy, this class is for females only.

Restorative Yoga | a restorative practice is about resting and seeking to not stretch your body. You are not working toward any type of deeper physical sensations during this practice yet more of receiving a deeper sense of relaxation in order to reset your nervous system.  To allow your body to deeply relax many restorative poses are held for more than five minutes. This practice uses different props to support your body so you can deeply relax with as little physical effort as possible. 

Rise and Flow  |  start you day off right with an early morning vinyasa flow class.  Plenty of sun salutations to get your heart rate up and your blood flowing along with time to center yourself to mentally prepare for your workday ahead.  

Roll & Recover |  essential for yogis, runners, cyclists and everybody in between!  This class utilizes foam rolling* and therapy ball* techniques to facilitate recovery, muscle balance, and increased physical performance through self-myofacial release.  The class will include movements to loosen your muscles and increase your range of motion. It is appropriate for students of all levels.  *Foam rollers and balls are provided.

Stress Less |  Every human being experiences stress - from traffic to deadlines to stressors that change the course of our lives.  Stress is often one of the main reasons people seek yoga.  We all want to be more peaceful and calm. This class includes breathing techniques (pranayama), asana (physical postures) and meditation and is appropriate for all levels of students.  Although the class does not have  "set sequence" and will vary from week to week, you can always expect the class to be a slower paced practice with many opportunities for options and choices to increase the student's trust and confidence in their practice on an off the mat.  We will often link our movement to match our breath as in a traditional hatha practice. Props will be used such as blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets but will vary from week to week. Breathing techniques will be wide ranging to include three part breath, lion's breath, alternate nostril breathing, ujjayi, four square breath and many others.  If you don't know what those are, it's ok.  We will teach you.  Learning better breath control is a foundational tool of stress management as when we calm the breath we are also calming the heart, body temperature and perhaps leading to better control of our mind as well. Meditation practices will range from guided meditations, scripted meditations, yoga nidra, visualization exercises and opportunities for personal reflection.  Essential oils are used frequently in this class.  Some students have reported this class has given them practical tools to use in their everyday life to better manage stress.  Join us and give yourself the tools to have more opportunities to calmness.  

Yoga for Warriors  | Yoga for Warriors is our signature weekly community class (free) Dragonfly has offered since the year the studio opened in 2013.  The class is a partnership with the local Fredericksburg chapter of Team Red White and Blue which is a national non-profit that aims to increase the wellness of veterans through physical and social activities.  Civilians are a critical part of the mission as Team RWB believes civilians can help veterans better integrate into their local communities.  The class is designed with service members in mind and is open to active duty, veterans, retirees, their family members and civilians in the spirit of supporting the integration of military families into our community.  Yoga for Warriors includes a wide range of breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness and physical postures (asana).  It is appropriate for students of all levels to include beginners. We keep the safety of our knees and backs in mind especially in this class as so many veterans report knee and back trouble. The fundamental belief behind this class is that through movement and awareness students can release stress and trauma at the source. 

This class is unique in that we open each week with a community circle.  In the brief community circle you'll be given an opportunity to share your name, any branch of service you're connected to and participate in the ice-breaker question if you choose.  This brief opening circle helps us get to better know our fellow students and veterans and provides valuable opportunities for connection and building our social support.  

The last Tuesday of each month is usually an opportunity to practice yoga nidra (sometimes described as yoga "sleep").  We practice yoga nidra with a long, guided and scripted meditation that is designed to relax, rejuvenate and improve sleep. 

Whether you are a veteran of recent service or years ago, a family member or civilian wanting to make our community a welcoming place for our local service members we hope you'll join us.  a free class designed for military service men and women, veterans, retirees, and their families and loved ones, but ultimately open to anyone. The class focuses on building community, developing strength of body and mind, and using the breath to quiet the mind and find peace. All levels are welcome. Helpful incorporation of props as needed—folded blankets, yoga blocks, belts, and chairs. Ends with savasana. 

Cancellation Policy  |  you may cancel your reservation up to two hours before class starts. Your account will retain the class credit for a future use. There are no refunds.